Cheryl Kelly, PhD, MPH, MA

About Me:

I joined the Kaiser Permanente Evaluation Team as the Evaluation Investigator in October 2014. My educational background began in psychology with an emphasis on health and sport psychology. I always had a passion for being healthy and encouraging others to lead healthy lives. In 2001, I started my training in Public Health. For 5 years, I studied Behavioral Science and Health Education and received my doctorate in Public Health Studies in 2006. A career in Public Health has allowed to follow my passion for helping others lead healthy lives.

Evaluation & Research Experience:

My training included extensive evaluation and research experience, both in the classroom and in the field. From 2006 through 2011, I led several evaluation and research projects in Missouri assessing the impact of various interventions on healthy eating and active living. In 2012, I moved to Colorado and expanded my evaluation and research experience by assessing the impact of interventions in healthcare settings. As the Evaluation Investigator on the PiER team, I currently lead several projects assessing the impact of the environment, systems and policies on access to healthy opportunities, access to health care and improved health behavior and health outcomes. I specialize in cross-site or cohort evaluations, using collaborative approaches to designing and implementing evaluation and research projects, and building the evaluation capacity of community-based organizations. 

How I Thrive:

My passion for being healthy includes physical activity and healthy eating. I thrive on getting my heart pumping while doing yoga, running, swimming, hiking and walking my dogs. When I am not doing something active, I am usually in the kitchen exploring new recipes and trying to master the art of cooking at high altitudes.

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